After you have contacted the band and decided we are exactly what you want for your event, party or wedding, a contract is issued with the agreed times, date, place, price (plus a few reasonable conditions like safe electricity supply and some refreshment for the band etc.). This sounds formal, but it is just a way of keeping track of what we are doing where and when, and reminds you also of what is happening. Two signed copies of the contract are sent to you and you return one with your signature and a £50 deposit/booking fee which is inclusive of the total price agreed. We have a cancellation policy: up to 6 weeks prior to event = lose your deposit, 3-6 weeks prior to the event = 50% of total fee becomes due, 21 days or less = 100% of total fee is payable. Equally from our side if something unforeseen happens to the band we will try and find a substitute band to honour the agreement.