Since HHB formed we have made 3 recordings, the first was Clear Blue Skies (cassette) in 1988, the second was Old Green Stour (cassette) in 1992 and the last was in 2007 called Sun from the East (CD).

This CD has 15 tracks of music and song with many written by the band. There is a wide variety of styles and moods on this album, ranging from lively syncopated to quiet contemplative pieces plus two songs. We used some extra instrumentation of tuba, trumpet and sax.
The tracks are:
1   Mouse’s Tale / Around the World in 48 Bars
2   Waterloo Dance
3   Moon in the West / Sun from the East
4   Crump Island / Festival Jig
5   The Tailor’s Britches
6   Roy’s Silver Penny / Jigg Ashling
7   The Worbarrow Wedding
8   Flowers of Edinburgh / Trumpet Hornpipe
9   Dave’s Lament
10  Half a Ton Polka
11  Old Fashioned Waltz
12  The Dancing Dustman
13  Lekan’s Jigs 2 & 1
14  The Young May Moon / The Ball
15  Abbot’s Bromley Horn Dance

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